Commit 997b3ab9 authored by Troels Henriksen's avatar Troels Henriksen

Disable syntaxes that do not yet work with the new redisplay engine.

parent 37725b3a
......@@ -41,10 +41,10 @@
;; (:file "ttcn3-syntax" :depends-on ("packages"))
(:file "climacs-lisp-syntax" :depends-on ("core" "groups"))
(:file "climacs-lisp-syntax-commands" :depends-on ("climacs-lisp-syntax" "misc-commands"))
(:file "c-syntax" :depends-on ("core"))
(:file "c-syntax-commands" :depends-on ("c-syntax" "misc-commands"))
(:file "java-syntax" :depends-on ("core"))
(:file "java-syntax-commands" :depends-on ("java-syntax" "misc-commands"))
#+nil(:file "c-syntax" :depends-on ("core"))
#+nil(:file "c-syntax-commands" :depends-on ("c-syntax" "misc-commands"))
#+nil(:file "java-syntax" :depends-on ("core"))
#+nil(:file "java-syntax-commands" :depends-on ("java-syntax" "misc-commands"))
(:file "gui" :depends-on ("packages"))
(:file "core" :depends-on ("gui"))
(:file "io" :depends-on ("packages" "gui"))
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