Commit a9416644 authored by Aleksandar Bakic's avatar Aleksandar Bakic

Delegating-buffer class implementation.

parent 81970993
;;; -*- mode: lisp -*-
;;; (c) copyright 2005 by Aleksandar Bakic (
(in-package :climacs-buffer)
(defclass delegating-buffer (buffer)
((implementation :initarg :implementation :reader implementation))
(:documentation "Buffer class that delegates the buffer protocol
functionality to a buffer implementation object stored in the
IMPLEMENTATION slot. Do not bind it directly to a mark. Instead, bind
the buffer from the IMPLEMENTATION slot."))
(defmethod low-mark ((buffer delegating-buffer))
(low-mark (implementation buffer)))
(defmethod high-mark ((buffer delegating-buffer))
(high-mark (implementation buffer)))
(defmethod modified-p ((buffer delegating-buffer))
(modified-p (implementation buffer)))
(defmethod clear-modify ((buffer delegating-buffer))
(clear-modify (implementation buffer)))
(defmethod size ((buffer delegating-buffer))
(size (implementation buffer)))
(defmethod number-of-lines ((buffer delegating-buffer))
(number-of-lines (implementation buffer)))
(defmethod insert-buffer-object ((buffer delegating-buffer) offset object)
(insert-buffer-object (implementation buffer) offset object))
(defmethod insert-buffer-sequence ((buffer delegating-buffer) offset sequence)
(insert-buffer-sequence (implementation buffer) offset sequence))
(defmethod delete-buffer-range ((buffer delegating-buffer) offset n)
(delete-buffer-range (implementation buffer) offset n))
(defmethod buffer-object ((buffer delegating-buffer) offset)
(buffer-object (implementation buffer) offset))
(defmethod (setf buffer-object) (object (buffer delegating-buffer) offset)
(setf (buffer-object (implementation buffer) offset) object))
(defmethod buffer-sequence ((buffer delegating-buffer) offset1 offset2)
(buffer-sequence (implementation buffer) offset1 offset2))
(defmethod buffer-line-number ((buffer delegating-buffer) offset)
(buffer-line-number (implementation buffer) offset))
(defmethod buffer-column-number ((buffer delegating-buffer) offset)
(buffer-column-number (implementation buffer) offset))
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