Commit b6c15d11 authored by Troels Henriksen's avatar Troels Henriksen
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Ironed out some more bugs in the implementation of intelligent

completion for keyword parameters - &rest arguments are handled and
indirect arglists fetched now.
parent 60db3f88
......@@ -3840,11 +3840,13 @@ retrieved for the operator, nothing will be displayed."
sense to use at the position `arg-indices' relative to the
operator that has the argument list `arglist'."
(let* ((key-position (position '&key arglist))
(rest-position (position '&rest arglist))
(cleaned-arglist (remove-if #'arglist-keyword-p
(index (first arg-indices))
(difference (- (length arglist)
(length cleaned-arglist))))
(difference (+ (- (length arglist)
(length cleaned-arglist))
(if rest-position 1 0))))
(cond ((and (null key-position)
(rest arg-indices)
(> (length cleaned-arglist)
......@@ -3857,11 +3859,12 @@ retrieved for the operator, nothing will be displayed."
(>= (+ index
(not (evenp (- index key-position difference))))
(evenp (- index (- key-position
(1- difference)))))
(mapcar #'unlisted (subseq cleaned-arglist
(- key-position
(+ (- key-position
(if rest-position 2 1))))))))
(defun completions-from-keywords (syntax token)
"Assume that `token' is a (partial) keyword argument
......@@ -3871,10 +3874,11 @@ keyword arguments would be valid (for example, if the operator
doesn't take keyword arguments)."
(with-code-insight (start-offset token) syntax
(:preceding-operand-indices poi
:operator operator)
:operator operator
:operands operands)
(when (valid-operator-p operator)
(let* ((relevant-keywords
(relevant-keywords (arglist-for-form operator)
(relevant-keywords (arglist-for-form operator operands)
(completions (simple-completions
(get-usable-image syntax)
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