Commit bacefa22 authored by Troels Henriksen's avatar Troels Henriksen
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Added indentation rule for readtime-evaluation-forms.

parent 00079556
......@@ -2438,6 +2438,11 @@ object. Otherwise, nil will be returned.")
((null (cdr path))
(values (first-form (children tree)) 0))))
(defmethod indent-form ((syntax lisp-syntax) (tree readtime-evaluation-form) path)
(if (null (cdr path))
(values tree 0)
(indent-form syntax (elt-form (children tree) 0) (cdr path))))
(defmethod indent-form ((syntax lisp-syntax) (tree list-form) path)
(if (= (car path) 1)
;; before first element
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