Commit cd0e70d6 authored by Troels Henriksen's avatar Troels Henriksen
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Fixed some bugs in structedit.

parent 4da18f47
......@@ -109,14 +109,20 @@ either `end-offset' or `begin-offset', `at-border-fn' is a
function used to determine whether or not `(point)' is at the end
of a structural object."
(let ((immediate-form (funcall immediate-form-fn (current-syntax) (offset (point))))
(form-around (form-around (current-syntax) (offset (point)))))
(form-around (form-around (current-syntax) (offset (point))))
(list-at-mark (list-at-mark (current-syntax) (point)))
(string-at-mark (form-of-type-at-mark (current-syntax) (point) #'form-string-p)))
(cond ((and (or (form-string-p immediate-form)
(form-list-p immediate-form))
(= (funcall border-offset-fn immediate-form)
(offset (point))))
(funcall move-fn (point)))
((funcall at-border-fn (current-syntax) (point))
(when (null (form-children (list-at-mark (current-syntax) (point))))
((and (funcall at-border-fn (current-syntax) (point))
(when (or (and list-at-mark
(null (form-children list-at-mark)))
(and string-at-mark
(= (size string-at-mark) 2)))
(delete-form (current-buffer) form-around)))
((and (form-character-p immediate-form)
(= (funcall border-offset-fn immediate-form)
......@@ -244,14 +250,16 @@ after the point."
2 0)))
;; Delete from point until end of line.
(kill-region (point) (end-of-line (clone-mark (point))))))
((= (buffer-line-number (current-buffer) (start-offset form-after))
(line-number (point)))
((and form-after
(= (buffer-line-number (current-buffer) (start-offset form-after))
(line-number (point))))
(forward-kill-expression (point) (current-syntax))
(loop for form-after = (form-after (current-syntax) (offset (point)))
while (and form-after
(= (buffer-line-number (current-buffer) (start-offset form-after))
(line-number (point))))
do (forward-kill-expression (point) (current-syntax) 1 t))))))
while (and form-after
(= (buffer-line-number (current-buffer) (start-offset form-after))
(line-number (point))))
do (forward-kill-expression (point) (current-syntax) 1 t)))
(t (forward-kill-line (point) (current-syntax) 1 t nil)))))
(set-key `(com-open-list ,*numeric-argument-marker* ,*numeric-argument-marker*)
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