Commit d1ab933e authored by Troels Henriksen's avatar Troels Henriksen
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Added command menu.

Only covers a few generic commands for now. I think McCLIM support for
:inherit-menu would make this implementable in a much better way.
parent a77678d4
......@@ -226,32 +226,61 @@ window"))
;; This command table is what assembles the various other command
;; tables for the commands actually accessible by the user.
(defclass climacs-command-table (standard-command-table)
(defmethod command-table-inherit-from ((table climacs-command-table))
(append (when (typep (current-window) 'climacs-pane)
(view-command-tables (current-view)))
(append (view-command-tables (current-view))
(when (and (typep (current-window) 'climacs-pane)
(use-editor-commands-p (current-view)))
(when (use-editor-commands-p (current-view))
;; This is the actual command table that will be used for Climacs.
(make-command-table 'climacs-global-table
:inherit-from (list (make-instance 'climacs-command-table
:name 'climacs-dispatching-table))
:menu `(("File" :menu ,(make-command-table nil
:inherit-from 'esa-io-table
:menu `(("Find File"
:command (com-find-file ,*unsupplied-argument-marker*))
("Find File (read-only)"
:command (com-find-file-read-only ,*unsupplied-argument-marker*))
("Save Buffer"
:command (com-save-buffer))
("Save Bufer As"
:command (com-write-buffer ,*unsupplied-argument-marker*))
("Set Visited File Name"
:command (com-set-visited-file-name ,*unsupplied-argument-marker*))
(nil :divider :line)
("Quit" :command com-quit))))
("Help" :menu ,(make-command-table nil
:inherit-from 'help-table
:menu `(("Where is" :command com-where-is)
("Describe Bindings" :command (com-describe-bindings nil))
("Describe Bindings (sorted)" :command (com-describe-bindings t))
("Describe Key" :command com-describe-key)
("Describe Command"
:command (com-describe-command ,*unsupplied-argument-marker*))
("Apropos Command"
:command (com-apropos-command ,*unsupplied-argument-marker*))))))
:errorp nil)
(define-application-frame climacs (esa-frame-mixin
((%views :initform '() :accessor views)
(%groups :initform (make-hash-table :test #'equal) :accessor groups)
(%active-group :initform nil :accessor active-group)
(%kill-ring :initform (make-instance 'kill-ring :max-size 7) :accessor kill-ring)
(%command-table :initform (make-instance 'climacs-command-table
:name 'climacs-dispatching-table)
(%command-table :initform (find-command-table 'climacs-global-table)
:accessor find-applicable-command-table
:accessor frame-command-table)
(%output-stream :accessor output-stream
:initform nil
:initarg :output-stream))
(:menu-bar nil)
(:menu-bar climacs-global-table)
(let* ((*esa-instance* *application-frame*)
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