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    • Robert Strandh's avatar
      Changed the contract of clone mark so that the optional argument is · 49323b25
      Robert Strandh authored
      either :left or :right forcing the return value to be a
      left-sticky-mark and a right-sticky-mark respectively.
      Altered the two calls (in test code) that actually used the optional
      argument to pass the right thing.
      Modified the implementation of clone-mark to use constant symbols for
      the class to instantiate, and made two methods so that the type of the
      argument will be known statically.  Still needed an explicit test for
      the optional argument, but that is still much faster than using a
      variable class to make-instance.
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    • Robert Strandh's avatar
      Moved forward-object and backward-object to base.lisp because I · c8c96853
      Robert Strandh authored
      needed them in syntax.lisp.
      Improved performance of end-of-line, the slowness of which was
      a problem for redisplay.
      Fixed (I hope) bug in redisplay code.  I don't seem to be able to
      convince McCLIM to avoid redrawing all the lines after a new
      line has been inserted, though.
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  18. 29 Dec, 2004 1 commit
    • Robert Strandh's avatar
      Modified the buffer protocol to contain a modification flag, and · 0fd86f56
      Robert Strandh authored
      implemented the modification.  Updated the documentation.
      Added a flag to the climacs-buffer indicating whether the buffer needs
      saving.  This is different from the modification flag, which is only
      valid during one iteration of the command loop.  The needs-saving flag
      checks the modification flag, though, after each command execution.
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    • Robert Strandh's avatar
      Implemented a basic syntax according to the syntax protocol · c760866a
      Robert Strandh authored
      specification (which I haven't written yet). The current
      implementation should be improved upon, but it basically shows how to
      do it.
      Also implemented a demo command that accepts a string and inserts its
      reverse in the buffer.  This shows that the words in the buffer are
      actually presentations (of type string) that become clickable by the
      Added two missing methods on region-to-sequence.  There were no
      methods when one of the arguments is an offset instead of a mark.
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      Added new file io.lisp with input/output functions and the · ca18e9ff
      strandh authored
      packages.lisp file accordingly.
      Added README file.
      Totally rewrote the buffer implementation to use a single flexichain.
      It should now be fast enough to replace Goatee.
      Modified climacs.asd to reflect the use of Flexichain
      Updated INSTALL file to give instructions for fetching Flexichain.
      Updated gui.lisp to reflect the new functionality in io.lisp
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      Added find-file. · e484b3d3
      strandh authored
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      Added file climacs.asd containing system definition. · 8eb58a69
      strandh authored
      Added file INSTALL describing how to install Climacs using ASDF.
      Removed climacs.lisp and added gui.lisp with the same contents.
      Added a file base.lisp containing basic functionality on top of the
      buffer protocol.
      Implemented functions such as {forward,backward}-word,
      {open,kill}-line, {previous,next}-line.
      Added Copyright and License to each file.
  26. 15 Dec, 2004 1 commit