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    Add a half-baked half-finished ISO Prolog syntax. · 2aa1652a
    Christophe Rhodes authored
    Known internal lacunae:
      * does not handle quotations correctly:
        ** fails to recognize '' as an escaped quote character (and similarly
           for other quote characters);
        ** fails to canonize quoted atoms; will fail to identify the operator
           ; from the quoted atom ';';
        ** does not contain any logic for backslash-escaped data.
      * does not implement parsing floating point numbers.
      * comments before directives get italicized.
      * way too long.  Expect some refactoring.
    Known suboptimal interactions with the syntax framework:
      * parses the entire buffer at every keystroke; incremental parsing caused
        a problem at some point and has not (yet) been restored.
      * displays the entire buffer at every keystroke.
      * the incremental lexer gets confused in the presence of comments.
        (see forthcoming mail to climacs-devel)
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