Commit 3960876d authored by Christophe Rhodes's avatar Christophe Rhodes

Support multiline lexemes. Only tested on comment lexemes, but it does seem

to work.
parent 83c8daa3
......@@ -854,7 +854,7 @@
;; FIXME: are we allowed to mix DO and UNTIL like this?
;; I doubt it.
until (end-of-buffer-p scan)
until (mark< bot (start-offset (lexeme lexer (1- valid-lex))))
until (mark<= bot (start-offset (lexeme lexer (1- valid-lex))))
;; FIXME: a further criterion is when scan matches the
;; start-offset of an element in lexemes, at which point
;; we know that the entirety of the rest of the old lex
......@@ -874,7 +874,9 @@
;; parse up to the limit of validity imposed by the lexer, or
;; the bottom of the visible area
(loop until (= valid-parse valid-lex)
while (mark<= (end-offset (lexeme lexer valid-parse)) bot)
;; NOTE: this ceases being the same condition as the above
;; as soon as the FIXME note above is implemented.
until (mark<= bot (start-offset (lexeme lexer (1- valid-parse))))
do (let ((current-token (lexeme lexer (1- valid-parse)))
(next-lexeme (lexeme lexer valid-parse)))
(setf (slot-value next-lexeme 'state)
......@@ -948,12 +950,27 @@
(setf ink (medium-ink (sheet-medium pane))
face (text-style-face (medium-text-style (sheet-medium pane))))
(present (coerce (buffer-sequence (buffer syntax)
(start-offset entity)
(end-offset entity))
:stream pane))))
(let ((string (coerce (buffer-sequence (buffer syntax)
(start-offset entity)
(end-offset entity))
(with-slots (top bot) pane
(let (start end)
(setf start (max 0 (- (offset top) (start-offset entity))))
(setf end (- (length string) (max 0 (- (end-offset entity) (offset bot)))))
(when (>= start end)
(let ((nl (position #\Newline string
:start start :end end)))
(unless nl
(present (subseq string start end) 'string :stream pane)
(present (subseq string start nl) 'string :stream pane)
(handle-whitespace pane (buffer pane)
(+ (start-offset entity) nl)
(+ (start-offset entity) nl 1))
(setf start (+ nl 1))))))))))
(defmethod display-parse-tree :before ((entity prolog-lexeme) (syntax prolog-syntax) pane)
(handle-whitespace pane (buffer pane) *white-space-start* (start-offset entity))
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