Commit 5ce84614 authored by Christophe Rhodes's avatar Christophe Rhodes

Enable incremental-redisplay / updating-output

This isn't as big a win as it could be, because of the invalidation of
lexemes without attempting to splice in the results of a previous lex.
(see FIXME comments in update-syntax-for-redisplay)
parent 8ed1e619
......@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@
(defclass prolog-token (prolog-parse-tree)
((ink) (face)))
(defclass prolog-operator (prolog-token)
......@@ -942,18 +942,15 @@
(defmethod display-parse-tree ((entity prolog-token) (syntax prolog-syntax) pane)
(flet ((cache-test (t1 t2)
(and (eq t1 t2)
(eq (slot-value t1 'ink)
(medium-ink (sheet-medium pane)))
(eq (slot-value t1 'face)
(text-style-face (medium-text-style (sheet-medium pane)))))))
#| (updating-output (pane :unique-id entity
(updating-output (pane :unique-id entity
:id-test #'eq
:cache-value entity
:cache-test #'cache-test)|#
(with-slots (#|ink face|#) entity
:cache-test #'cache-test)
(with-slots (ink face) entity
(setf ink (medium-ink (sheet-medium pane))
face (text-style-face (medium-text-style (sheet-medium pane))))
(let ((string (coerce (buffer-sequence (buffer syntax)
......@@ -976,7 +973,7 @@
(handle-whitespace pane (buffer pane)
(+ (start-offset entity) nl)
(+ (start-offset entity) nl 1))
(setf start (+ nl 1))))))))))
(setf start (+ nl 1)))))))))))
(defmethod display-parse-tree :before ((entity prolog-lexeme) (syntax prolog-syntax) pane)
(handle-whitespace pane (buffer pane) *white-space-start* (start-offset entity))
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