Commit 6474f0cf authored by Troels Henriksen's avatar Troels Henriksen

Fixed markup errors (thanks to Daniel Katz).

parent b72e80fa
......@@ -2235,14 +2235,14 @@ run. Also, @var{buffers} will be bound to a list of the buffers
containing the files designated by @var{group} while @var{body} is run.
@end deffn
@deffn {Macro} {define-group} (name (group-arg &rest args) &body body)
@deffn {Macro} {define-group} name (group-arg &rest args) &body body
Define a persistent group named @var{name}. @var{Body} should return a
list of pathnames and will be used to calculate which files are
designated by the group. @var{Args} should be two-element lists, with
the first element bound to the result of evaluating the second
element. The second element will be evaluated when the group is
selected to be the active group by the user.
@node Index
@end deffn
@deftp {Error Condition} group-not-found
This condition is signaled whenever a synonym group is unable to find
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