Commit 83c8daa3 authored by Christophe Rhodes's avatar Christophe Rhodes

Whoops. Unsaved change, which logically belongs to the previous commit.

(uncomment out :around method on display-parse-tree to prevent display of
off-the-screen stuff)
parent 51144f01
......@@ -926,7 +926,6 @@
pane (- tab-width (mod x tab-width)) 0))))
(incf start))))
(defmethod display-parse-tree :around ((entity prolog-parse-tree) syntax pane)
(with-slots (top bot) pane
(when (and (end-offset entity) (mark> (end-offset entity) top))
......@@ -1024,3 +1023,17 @@
(1- cursor-x) (- cursor-y (* 0.2 height))
(+ cursor-x 2) (+ cursor-y (* 0.8 height))
:ink (if current-p +red+ +blue+))))))
(climacs-gui::define-named-command com-inspect-lex ()
(with-slots (lexer) (slot-value (buffer (climacs-gui::current-window)) 'climacs-syntax::syntax)
(let ((*standard-input* *query-io*)
(*standard-output* *query-io*))
(inspect lexer))))
(climacs-gui::define-named-command com-inspect-parse ()
(with-slots (parser) (slot-value (buffer (climacs-gui::current-window)) 'climacs-syntax::syntax)
(let ((*standard-input* *query-io*)
(*standard-output* *query-io*))
(inspect parser))))
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