Commit 84a694bc authored by Troels Henriksen's avatar Troels Henriksen

Fixed `com-isearch-append-word' to work with the new motion methods.

parent 64673d41
......@@ -199,7 +199,9 @@ If found, leaves point before the word. If not, leaves point where it is."
(isearch-from-mark pane mark string forwardp))))
(define-command (com-isearch-append-word :name t :command-table isearch-climacs-table) ()
(isearch-append-text #'forward-word))
(let ((syntax (syntax (current-buffer))))
(isearch-append-text #'(lambda (mark)
(forward-word mark syntax)))))
(define-command (com-isearch-append-line :name t :command-table isearch-climacs-table) ()
(isearch-append-text #'end-of-line))
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