Commit 8c40fde6 authored by Robert Strandh's avatar Robert Strandh

Introduced the concept of inline element and block-level element.

Reorganized the attributes into core attributes, i18n attributes and
scripting events according to the HTML standard.
parent d5ff4fab
......@@ -185,9 +185,13 @@
(display-parse-tree name syntax pane)
(display-parse-tree equals syntax pane)))
(defclass core-attribute (html-attribute) ())
(defclass i18n-attribute (html-attribute) ())
(defclass scripting-event (html-attribute) ())
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; lang attribute
(defclass lang-attr (html-attribute)
(defclass lang-attr (i18n-attribute)
((lang :initarg :lang)))
(add-html-rule (lang-attr -> ((name word (word-is name "lang"))
......@@ -204,7 +208,7 @@
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; dir attribute
(defclass dir-attr (html-attribute)
(defclass dir-attr (i18n-attribute)
((dir :initarg :dir)))
(add-html-rule (dir-attr -> ((name word (word-is name "dir"))
......@@ -334,6 +338,24 @@
(display-parse-tree items syntax pane)
(display-parse-tree </body> syntax pane)))
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; inline-element, block-level-element
(defclass inline-element (html-nonterminal) ())
(defclass block-level-element (html-nonterminal) ())
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; inline-element-or-text
(defclass inline-element-or-text (html-nonterminal)
((contents :initarg contents)))
(add-html-rule (inline-element-or-text -> (inline-element) :contents inline-element))
(add-html-rule (inline-element-or-text -> (word) :contents word))
(add-html-rule (inline-element-or-text -> (delimiter) :contents delimiter))
(defmethod display-parse-tree ((entity inline-element-or-text) (syntax html-syntax) pane)
(with-slots (contents) entity
(display-parse-tree contents syntax pane)))
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; <a>-tag
(defclass <a>-attribute (html-nonterminal)
......@@ -369,7 +391,7 @@
(define-end-tag </a> "a")
(defclass a (html-nonterminal)
(defclass a (inline-element)
((<a> :initarg :<a>)
(items :initarg :items)
(</a> :initarg :</a>)))
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