Commit 8f16602c authored by Christophe Rhodes's avatar Christophe Rhodes

Fix for multiple op/3 directives with the same operator.

parent e6ecf236
......@@ -747,11 +747,13 @@
(with-slots (term) directive-term
(with-slots (right) term
(let* ((a (arg-list right))
(exp (arg-list-nth 2 a))
(term (term exp)))
(let ((value (slot-value term 'value)))
(when (typep value 'atom)
(canonical-name value))))))))
(exp (arg-list-nth 2 a)))
(etypecase exp
(exp-atom (canonical-name (atom exp)))
(exp-term (let* ((term (term exp))
(value (slot-value term 'value)))
(when (typep value 'atom)
(canonical-name value))))))))))
(define-prolog-rule (prolog-text -> (prolog-text directive))
(when (and (op/3-directive-p directive)
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