Commit 938e764b authored by Troels Henriksen's avatar Troels Henriksen

Added proof-of-concept group to the Lisp syntax, and abstracted away

some of the type-checking to functions.
parent 0e77eace
......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@
(:file "ttcn3-syntax" :depends-on ("packages" "buffer" "syntax" "base"
(:file "lisp-syntax" :depends-on ("packages" "utils" "syntax" "buffer" "base" "pane"
"window-commands" "gui"))
"window-commands" "gui" "groups"))
(:file "lisp-syntax-swine" :depends-on ("lisp-syntax"))
(:file "lisp-syntax-commands" :depends-on ("lisp-syntax-swine" "motion-commands"
"editing-commands" "misc-commands"))
......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ string at point."
(token (form-around syntax (offset (point pane))))
(fill-column (auto-fill-column pane))
(tab-width (tab-space-count (stream-default-view pane))))
(when (typep token 'string-form)
(when (form-string-p token)
(with-accessors ((offset1 start-offset)
(offset2 end-offset)) token
(climacs-core:fill-region (make-instance 'standard-right-sticky-mark
......@@ -227,7 +227,7 @@ Definition command was issued."
(syntax (syntax buffer))
(mark (point pane))
(token (this-form mark syntax)))
(if (and token (typep token 'complete-token-lexeme))
(if (and token (form-token-p token))
(com-lookup-arglist (token-to-object syntax token))
(esa:display-message "Could not find symbol at point."))))
......@@ -349,7 +349,7 @@ inserted from `provided-args'.
(when (parent operand-form)
(let ((form-operand-list
(remove-if #'(lambda (form)
(or (not (typep form 'form))
(or (not (formp form))
(eq form operator)))
(children (parent operand-form)))))
......@@ -388,8 +388,7 @@ inserted from `provided-args'.
(if (or (and candidate-before
(typep candidate-before 'incomplete-list-form))
(and (null candidate-before)
(typep (or candidate-after candidate-around)
(form-list-p (or candidate-after candidate-around))))
;; HACK: We should not attempt to find the location of
;; the list form itself, so we create a new parser
;; symbol, attach the list form as a parent and try to
......@@ -689,7 +688,7 @@ modification will be generated, respectively."
((listp argument)
`(((= (first indices) ,index)
,(if (eq (first argument) 'quote)
`(cond ((typep token 'quote-form)
`(cond ((form-quoted-p token)
(complete-argument-of-type ',(second argument) syntax token all-completions))
(t (call-next-method)))
`(cond ((not (null (rest indices)))
......@@ -757,8 +756,10 @@ modification will be generated, respectively."
(parent immediate-form))))))
;; If we cannot find a form, there's no point in looking
;; up any of this stuff.
(,operator-sym (when ,form-sym (form-operator ,form-sym ,syntax)))
(,operands-sym (when ,form-sym (form-operands ,form-sym ,syntax))))
(,operator-sym (when ,form-sym (token-to-object ,syntax (form-operator ,syntax ,form-sym))))
(,operands-sym (when ,form-sym (mapcar #'(lambda (operand)
(token-to-object ,syntax operand))
(form-operands ,syntax ,form-sym)))))
(declare (ignorable ,form-sym ,operator-sym ,operands-sym))
(multiple-value-bind (,preceding-operand-sym ,operand-indices-sym)
(when ,form-sym (find-operand-info ,syntax ,mark-or-offset ,form-sym))
......@@ -1394,7 +1395,7 @@ For example:
displayed. If no symbol can be found at `mark', return nil."
(let ((token (form-around syntax (offset mark))))
(when (and (not (null token))
(typep token 'complete-token-lexeme)
(form-token-p token)
(not (= (start-offset token)
(offset mark))))
(multiple-value-bind (longest completions)
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