Commit 9d4c8822 authored by Christophe Rhodes's avatar Christophe Rhodes

Use left-recursion rather than right-recursion. (Be careful to adjust the

DISPLAY-PARSE-TREE methods when making changes of this kind!)

A couple of minor fixes (well, minor except that they were totally broken

* VALID-LEX, not (undefined) I;
* MARK>, not MARK>=, to get Backspace right.
parent 00b80c6c
......@@ -58,9 +58,6 @@
(defclass prolog-token (prolog-parse-tree)
((ink) (face)))
(defclass prolog-operator (prolog-token)
;;; lexer
(defclass prolog-lexeme (prolog-token)
......@@ -78,11 +75,11 @@
(cont :initarg :cont :accessor cont)))
(defmethod display-parse-tree
((entity layout-text) (syntax prolog-syntax) pane)
(when (cont entity)
(display-parse-tree (cont entity) syntax pane))
(when (comment entity)
(with-drawing-options (pane :ink (make-rgb-color 0.7 0.0 0.0))
(display-parse-tree (comment entity) syntax pane)))
(when (cont entity)
(display-parse-tree (cont entity) syntax pane)))
(display-parse-tree (comment entity) syntax pane))))
(defgeneric syntactic-lexeme (thing))
(defmethod syntactic-lexeme ((lexeme prolog-lexeme))
......@@ -142,7 +139,7 @@
(make-instance 'open-ct :syntactic-lexeme open-ct-lexeme))
;;; 6.4.1
(define-prolog-rule (layout-text -> (comment-lexeme layout-text))
(define-prolog-rule (layout-text -> (layout-text comment-lexeme))
(make-instance 'layout-text :comment comment-lexeme :cont layout-text))
(define-prolog-rule (layout-text -> ())
(make-instance 'layout-text :cont nil))
......@@ -301,13 +298,13 @@
(defmethod display-parse-tree
((entity clause-prolog-text) (syntax prolog-syntax) pane)
(display-parse-tree (clause entity) syntax pane)
(display-parse-tree (text-rest entity) syntax pane))
(display-parse-tree (text-rest entity) syntax pane)
(display-parse-tree (clause entity) syntax pane))
(defmethod display-parse-tree
((entity directive-prolog-text) (syntax prolog-syntax) pane)
(display-parse-tree (text-rest entity) syntax pane)
(with-text-face (pane :italic)
(display-parse-tree (directive entity) syntax pane))
(display-parse-tree (text-rest entity) syntax pane))
(display-parse-tree (directive entity) syntax pane)))
(defclass directive (prolog-nonterminal)
((directive-term :initarg :directive-term :accessor directive-term)
......@@ -581,10 +578,10 @@
(display-parse-tree (tlist entity) syntax pane))
;;; 6.2.1
(define-prolog-rule (prolog-text -> (directive prolog-text))
(define-prolog-rule (prolog-text -> (prolog-text directive))
(make-instance 'directive-prolog-text :directive directive
:text-rest prolog-text))
(define-prolog-rule (prolog-text -> (clause prolog-text))
(define-prolog-rule (prolog-text -> (prolog-text clause))
(make-instance 'clause-prolog-text :clause clause :text-rest prolog-text))
(define-prolog-rule (prolog-text -> ())
(make-instance 'empty-prolog-text))
......@@ -860,10 +857,10 @@
do (skip-inter-lexeme-objects lexer scan)
until (end-of-buffer-p scan)
until (mark<= bot (start-offset (lexeme lexer (1- valid-lex))))
do (when (mark>= scan high-mark)
do (when (mark> scan high-mark)
(do ()
((= (nb-lexemes lexer) valid-lex))
(let ((l (lexeme lexer i)))
(let ((l (lexeme lexer valid-lex)))
((mark< scan (start-offset l))
(return nil))
......@@ -985,7 +982,7 @@
(+ (start-offset entity) nl 1))
(setf start (+ nl 1)))))))))))
(defmethod display-parse-tree :before ((entity prolog-lexeme) (syntax prolog-syntax) pane)
(defmethod display-parse-tree :before ((entity prolog-token) (syntax prolog-syntax) pane)
(handle-whitespace pane (buffer pane) *white-space-start* (start-offset entity))
(setf *white-space-start* (end-offset entity)))
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