Commit b79fb695 authored by Christophe Rhodes's avatar Christophe Rhodes

Possibly working incremental prolog parser.

(Syntax highlighting would be really nice...)
parent 70b6b292
......@@ -1129,8 +1129,8 @@
(defmethod inter-lexeme-object-p ((lexer prolog-lexer) object)
(member object '(#\Space #\Newline #\Tab)))
(defmethod update-syntax ((syntax prolog-syntax) prefix-size suffix-size &optional begin end)
(defmethod update-syntax esa-utils:values-max-min ((syntax prolog-syntax) prefix-size suffix-size &optional begin end)
(declare (ignore begin))
(with-slots (lexer valid-parse) syntax
(let* ((low-mark (make-buffer-mark (buffer syntax) prefix-size :left))
(high-mark (make-buffer-mark
......@@ -1171,8 +1171,8 @@
(loop named relex
do (skip-inter-lexeme-objects lexer scan)
until (end-of-buffer-p scan)
#+nil #+nil ; FIXME: incremental
until (<= end (start-offset (lexeme lexer (1- valid-lex))))
until (and (<= end (start-offset (lexeme lexer (1- valid-lex))))
(typep (lexeme lexer (1- valid-lex)) 'end-lexeme))
do (when (mark> scan high-mark)
(do ()
((= (nb-lexemes lexer) valid-lex))
......@@ -1210,14 +1210,17 @@
;; thing) can return a delegating buffer.
(let ((*this-syntax* syntax))
(loop until (= valid-parse valid-lex)
#+nil #+nil ; FIXME: incremental
until (<= end (start-offset (lexeme lexer (1- valid-parse))))
until (and (<= end (start-offset (lexeme lexer (1- valid-parse))))
(typep (lexeme lexer (1- valid-parse)) 'end-lexeme))
do (let ((current-token (lexeme lexer (1- valid-parse)))
(next-lexeme (lexeme lexer valid-parse)))
(setf (slot-value next-lexeme 'state)
(advance-parse parser (list next-lexeme)
(slot-value current-token 'state)))
(incf valid-parse)))))))
(incf valid-parse))))
(values 0 (if (= valid-parse (nb-lexemes lexer))
(size (buffer syntax))
(start-offset (lexeme lexer valid-parse)))))))
;;; display
#+nil ; old, not based on stroking pumps.
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