Commit e4ceed7c authored by Christophe Rhodes's avatar Christophe Rhodes

Prolog syntax improvements:

* PRINT-OBJECT for PROLOG-LEXEMEs, for less pain while debugging;

* OPEN-CT production rule from OPEN-CT-LEXEME, because we can;

* rework the lexer a bit.  Now UPDATE-SYNTAX just invalidates the lex
  as it invalidates the parse, and UPDATE-SYNTAX-FOR-DISPLAY relexes as
  far as it needs to;

* we need operator-compound-lterm and subclasses, because we cannot
  create multiple nonterminals from one rule: returning
    (make-instance 'lterm :term (make-instance 'foo ...))
  from a production rule leaves some slots in the FOO unfilled;

* note my own bafflement as to why an apparently infinitely-recursive
  production doesn't recurse infinitely.  It can be fixed when needed,
  but why isn't it triggering?

This version still gets various aspects of multiline lexemes wrong, but
it's a lot better than before.
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