Commit e6142832 authored by Christophe Rhodes's avatar Christophe Rhodes

Deal with #\Tabs a bit better.

* although ISO doesn't mandate it, treat a Tab as whitespace, because
  let's face it, it's pretty useless not to;
* deal with #\Tab also in lexemes (necessary whether or not Tab is whitespace
  in Prolog syntax, where lexemes can contain whitespace characters);

Highlight "" char-code-lists in green
parent 4e02f9e3
......@@ -177,7 +177,7 @@
((eql object #\") (fo) (go CHAR-CODE-LIST))
((eql object #\()
(if (or (beginning-of-buffer-p scan)
(not (member (object-before scan) '(#\Space #\Newline))))
(not (member (object-before scan) '(#\Space #\Tab #\Newline))))
(progn (fo) (return (make-instance 'open-ct-lexeme)))
(progn (fo) (return (make-instance 'open-lexeme)))))
((eql object #\)) (fo) (return (make-instance 'close-lexeme)))
......@@ -277,7 +277,8 @@
do (fo))
(if (end-of-buffer-p scan)
(return (make-instance 'error-lexeme))
(return (make-instance 'char-code-list-lexeme)))))))))
(progn (fo)
(return (make-instance 'char-code-list-lexeme))))))))))
;;; parser
......@@ -438,6 +439,10 @@
(display-parse-tree ({ entity) syntax pane)
(display-parse-tree (term entity) syntax pane)
(display-parse-tree (} entity) syntax pane))
(defmethod display-parse-tree
((entity char-code-list-compound-term) (syntax prolog-syntax) pane)
(with-drawing-options (pane :ink (make-rgb-color 0.0 0.6 0.0))
(display-parse-tree (ccl entity) syntax pane)))
(defclass atom (prolog-nonterminal)
((value :initarg :value :accessor value)))
......@@ -902,7 +907,7 @@
(incf valid-parse))))))
(defmethod inter-lexeme-object-p ((lexer prolog-lexer) object)
(member object '(#\Space #\Newline)))
(member object '(#\Space #\Newline #\Tab)))
(defmethod update-syntax (buffer (syntax prolog-syntax))
(with-slots (lexer valid-parse) syntax
......@@ -983,8 +988,9 @@
(when (>= start end)
(let ((nl (position #\Newline string
:start start :end end)))
(let ((nl (position-if
(lambda (x) (member x '(#\Tab #\Newline)))
string :start start :end end)))
(unless nl
(present (subseq string start end) 'string :stream pane)
......@@ -1055,7 +1061,11 @@
(let* ((cursor-line (number-of-lines-in-region top (point pane)))
(height (text-style-height (medium-text-style pane) pane))
(cursor-y (+ (* cursor-line (+ height (stream-vertical-spacing pane)))))
(cursor-column (column-number (point pane)))
;; FIXME: surely this should be more abstracted?
(buffer (point pane)) (offset (point pane))
(round (tab-width pane) (space-width pane))))
(cursor-x (* cursor-column (text-style-width (medium-text-style pane) pane))))
(updating-output (pane :unique-id -1)
(draw-rectangle* pane
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