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......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ volunteers.")
* Erik Enge
* Drew Crampsie
* Hans Hübner
* Cheryl Yang
* Cheren Yang
* Mario S. Mommer")))
......@@ -13,9 +13,11 @@ title: Independent Mailing Lists
<h2 id="lists">Lists</h2>
<tr><td><a href="">BLIS</a> by Pascal Constanza</td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">berlin-lispers</a> by Christian Pape and Max-Gerd Retzlaff</td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">boston-lisp</a> by Dan Stranger</td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">cl-debian</a> by Peter Van Eynde</td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">cl-user</a> by Arthur Lemmens</td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Coleslaw</a> by the Coleslaw Organization</td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">chicago-lisp</a> by Paul F. Dietz</td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">eurolisp</a> by Tayssir John Gabbour and Arthur Lemmens</td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">fm-lisp</a> by Edi Weitz</td></tr>
......@@ -515,7 +515,7 @@ This contains plugins and other goodies for various text editors.
## Atom ##
* [ATOM-SLIME]( allows you to
* [SLIMA]( allows you to
interactively develop Common Lisp code, helping turn Atom into a
full-featured Lisp IDE. [MIT][200].
......@@ -141,12 +141,12 @@ title: Companies using Lisp
- 3D CAD modeler for “explicit modeling”. Sindelfingen, Germany. 1M+ lines of Lisp, previously part of HP, paper on[ Common Lisp as an Embedded Extension Language]( Recent blog post about [CL use](
- [Cognesys]( &#9746;
- “automatic ascertainment and further processing of verbal and text messages” (Natural Language Processing). Ubach-Palenburg, Germany. Looking for experienced and fresh Lisp programmers
- [M-creations](
- custom software solutions for mid-size to big companies in
finance/payment, health care, and media research. Missing pieces of
infrastructure are written in Common Lisp (CL) and interact with
existing software components of the cluster (DNS, load balancer
etc.) ([lispjobs announce](
- [m-creations](
- Custom software solutions for mid-size to big companies in
finance/payment, health care, and media. Using Common Lisp in
different fields ranging from dynamic web applications and natural
language processing to systems engineering infrastructure in
container clusters (DNS, dynamic load balancer)
- [stk-hamburg](
- developing an ERP in Lisp ([ECL 2018 lightning talk](
......@@ -4,7 +4,82 @@ title: News
# Latest news
### 2019-02-09 *Foundation to host ASDF fundraiser!
### 2019-12-27 *ABCL fundraiser!*
The [Common Lisp Foundation]( hosts an
[appreciation fundraiser]( for the [ABCL project](
An appreciation fundraiser serves as a 'thank you' to those who have invested
their (free) time in the project. It isn't intended as a 'bounty' for new
### 2019-06-01
The Subversion repository maintenance window completed ahead
of schedule at 18:00 on June 1st instead of taking the better
part of the weekend. During this maintenance window, Subversion
repositories were upgraded to the latest standard (1.9). Some
repositories were stored in backward compatible formats as far
back as 1.1. With the migration, repository access should
benefit from performance work done in the server component.
Other features that become available with this maintenance
include the storage of merge-tracking information.
Thank you for your patience!
### 2019-05-19
The site has always been running its own Trac setup, because
we were one of the early Trac adopters. While running our own
packages, we've also been lenient to install plugins. Due to
improved support in both Trac as well as Debian packages, we
were able to move to a full-standard setup.
These days, many of those plugins have been integrated into Trac
or come pre-packaged from Debian. Others have lost their usefulness
(OpenID support falls into this category as nobody seems to be
supporting that anymore...).
For the team this means we've been able to
maintain both our liberal support for user-desired functionality
of our Trac users as well as simplifying maintenance of our hosting
Thanks to the Trac team for their continued efforts!
### 2019-04-28
On Sunday, April 28th, the hosting infrastructure experienced
an outage of approximately 5 hours when we encountered a unexpected
difficulty in upgrading our services. As you know, we take our responsiblity
towards the integrity of the data and services associated with
seriously. Part of that responsiblity is owning up to our mistakes, so here’s
our deeper explanation of how we inadvertently impinged on the integrity of the
main host file system.
While work was in progress on changes to set up support for better and faster
restore from backup, if such was required, a small change was required on the
main BTRFS filesystem: moving a snapshot from one place to another on the file
system. This operation couldn't be performed while the system was online, so
the VM was brought down.
After the VM was down, the main filesystem was mounted on the host system to
perform the operation. After unmounting the filesystem and remounting it to
verify the result, the filesystem at first wouldn't be mounted. After
executing the `btrfs rescue zero-log` command, the filesystem did mount,
but only in read-only mode.
Using a combination of the daily backups and the read-only filesystem,
a new filesystem with the same content been created.
I'm very sorry for the incident in general and having your data at risk in
particular. I haven't found any data-loss.
Erik Hulsmann admin
### 2019-02-09 *ASDF fundraiser!*
The [Common Lisp Foundation]( hosts an
[appreciation fundraiser]( for the [ASDF project](,
......@@ -48,8 +123,8 @@ for which there are no OS-level users anymore to update them.
### 2018-10-26
As announced on October 12, empty projects have been removed (archived) from the system. After
further cleaning, the updated list consists of these 23 projects:
As announced on October 12, empty projects have been removed (archived) from the
system. After further cleaning, the updated list consists of these 23 projects:
* cl-amqp
* cl-cactus-kev
title: How to register on
# Registration on made harder
Due to the large amount of users that try to register for spam purposes we've
had to make registration (*and login via Google*) a bit harder.
## One step more
Please message `minion` on `` on FreeNode IRC about
the registration URL; you can either use your own IRC client, or use
[webchat]( (no
need to "Auth to services").
The right question would be the string `minion: registration, please?`; you'll
receive answer in near-realtime.
The URL you receive can be used both for registration, as well as for logging in
via Google; if you already have a local user or use GitHub, these restrictions
do not (yet) apply.
......@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@
<div class="row">
<div class="col-md-6" style="font-style: italic;">
<div style="text-align:left;width:100%; margin-bottom: 0px;">
&copy; 2003-2018 <a href="">Common-Lisp.Net maintainers</a>.
&copy; 2003-2019 <a href="">Common-Lisp.Net maintainers</a>.
<div style="margin-top: 5px; line-height: 15px;">
<a style="float:left;margin-right: 5px;" rel="license" href=""><img
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