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<p class="quote-text">"A Lisp programmer knows the value of everything, but the cost of nothing."</p>
<p class="quote-author">- Alan Perlis</p>
<p class="quote-text">"Lisp is the most sophisticated programming language I know. It is literally decades ahead of the competition ... it is not possible (as far as I know) to actually use Lisp seriously before reaching the point of no return."</p>
<p class="quote-author">- Christian Lynbech, Road to Lisp</p>
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<p class="quote-text">"Lisp has jokingly been called "the most intelligent way to misuse a computer". I think that description is a great compliment because it transmits the full flavor of liberation: it has assisted a number of our most gifted fellow humans in thinking previously impossible thoughts."</p>
<p class="quote-author">- Edsger Dijkstra, CACM, 15:10</p>
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