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<h2><i class="fa fa-book"></i> Specification</h2> <h2><i class="fa fa-book"></i> Specification</h2>
<p> <p>
<a href="">ANSI Common Lisp specification</a> <a href="">Common Lisp HyperSpec (CLHS)</a>
</p> </p>
</section> </section>
<h1 id="awesome-lisp-company">Companies using Lisp</h1> <h1 id="awesome-lisp-company"><i class="fa fa-building"></i>&nbsp;Companies using Lisp</h1>
<div class="tocbox"> <div class="tocbox">
<h4 class="bg-primary" style="color:white;">Table of contents</h4> <h4 class="bg-primary" style="color:white;">Table of contents</h4>
...@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ ...@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
</ul> </ul>
</div> </div>
<h1 style="padding-bottom: 30px;"> projects</h1> <h1 style="padding-bottom: 30px;"><i class="fa fa-project-diagram"></i>&nbsp; projects</h1>
<div id="bodyTextWide"> <div id="bodyTextWide">
<h2 id="whatyouget">What you get</h2> <h2 id="whatyouget">What you get</h2>
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