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First draft of the new registration documentation.

The idea is that a POST to the registration URL returns a redirect to this page,
unless the "Referer" header includes some secret[1].

On #lisp minion can be asked about the right URL.

Ad 1: well-known (like just "?allow=lisp") or generated;
eg. some date-value like "MMMDD-HH", which would give "May09-20:";
Perhaps we can just use the unix-timestamp and have apache compare
an integer range?
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title: How to register on
Due to the large amount of users that try to register for spam purposes we've
had to make registration a bit harder.
Please ask `minion` on `#lisp` on FreeNode IRC about the registration URL; you
can either use your own IRC client, or use
[webchat]( (no need to "Auth to
The right question would be the string `minion: registration, please?`; you'll
receive answer in near-realtime.
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