Commit 6c092646 authored by Mariano Montone's avatar Mariano Montone
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Output messages on site generation

parent 34f94ae1
......@@ -52,9 +52,11 @@
(defun process-pages ()
((template-path (pathname (merge-pathnames *LAYOUT-DIR* *DEFAULT-PAGE-TEMPLATE*))))
(progn (ensure-directories-exist *OUTPUT-DIR*)
(loop for page in *PAGES*
(render-page page template-path)))))
(format t "Processing pages..~%")
(let ((template-path (pathname (merge-pathnames *LAYOUT-DIR* *DEFAULT-PAGE-TEMPLATE*))))
(ensure-directories-exist *OUTPUT-DIR*)
(loop for page in *PAGES*
(format t "Generating ~A~%" (cdr (assoc :content page)))
(render-page page template-path))
(format t "Done.~%")))
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