1. 09 Nov, 2018 1 commit
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      DEF-RENDER-HOOK: Store symbols on *RENDER-HOOK*. · 94d072a9
      Philipp Marek authored
      PUSHing the functions themselves means that the hooks get installed
      every time the DEF-RENDER-HOOK forms get evaluated, even if they
      already exist.
      Using PUSHNEW and the symbols avoid that.
      To reproduce, just
        (load "build.lisp")
        touch cl-site.asd # force asdf to reload the system
        (load "build.lisp")
      and the output will show multiple identical lines - once
      for each time the system got loaded.
        Transforming libraries.md to libraries.html
        Transforming libraries.md to libraries.html
        Transforming libraries.md to libraries.html
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      Add processing of Markdown input files · 809db4fe
      Erik Huelsmann authored
      Note that the 'markdown.cl' file doesn't support the extensions
      required to generate the content section.
      Note also that the 'cl-markdown' library doesn't actually generate
      the content section we want. However, with a ton of tweaks, it
      likely will.
      Or, if it won't, we can create our own extension to cl-markdown.
      Or, if that's too much work, we can do the same thing as currently
      happens in the newsbox processing: add our own processing of the
      HTML output...
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