Commit 40f5f703 authored by Pascal Costanza's avatar Pascal Costanza
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Replaced programmatic implementation of ensure-method in CMUCL and SBCL.

In CMUCL and SBCL, ensure-method was implemented as proposed in AMOP. However in some cases, this seems to lead to problems with method combination. For the time being, I have replaced the implementation by using a generated defmethod form instead, like in some of the other CL implementations. (In SBCL, this isn't as straightforward because SBCL doesn't accept class metaobjects as specializers.)

parent 4504fb69
......@@ -146,6 +146,7 @@
gf (lambda (dep) (update-dependent gf dep 'remove-method method))))
(defun ensure-method (gf lambda-expression
&key (method-class (generic-function-method-class gf))
(qualifiers ())
......@@ -158,15 +159,40 @@
gf (class-prototype method-class)
lambda-expression ())
(let ((method (apply #'make-instance
:qualifiers qualifiers
:lambda-list lambda-list
:specializers specializers
:function (compile nil method-lambda)
(let ((method (apply #'make-instance
:qualifiers qualifiers
:lambda-list lambda-list
:specializers specializers
:function (compile nil (print method-lambda))
(add-method gf method)
(defgeneric transform-specializer (specializer)
(:method (specializer) specializer)
(:method ((specializer class))
(class-name specializer))
(:method ((specializer eql-specializer))
`(eql ,(eql-specializer-object specializer))))
(defun ensure-method (gf lambda-expression
&key (qualifiers ())
(lambda-list (cadr lambda-expression))
(specializers (loop for arg in lambda-list
until (member arg lambda-list-keywords)
collect 't)))
(funcall (compile nil `(lambda ()
(defmethod ,(generic-function-name gf) ,@qualifiers
,(loop for specializer in specializers
for (arg . rest) on lambda-list
collect `(,arg ,
#-sbcl specializer
#+sbcl (transform-specializer specializer)) into args
finally (return (nconc args rest)))
,@(cddr lambda-expression))))))
;; The following can be used in direct-slot-definition-class to get the correct initargs
;; for a slot. Use it like this:
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