Commit ae409767 authored by Pascal Costanza's avatar Pascal Costanza
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Added insertion of &allow-other-keys for ECL.

Ignore-this: 3d3eb6b2ad0cab2d0b456da36b61dcbe

parent fc1e3cc0
...@@ -33,8 +33,15 @@ ...@@ -33,8 +33,15 @@
(destructuring-bind (destructuring-bind
(lambda (&rest args) &body body) (lambda (&rest args) &body body)
lambda-expression lambda-expression
(declare (ignore args))
(assert (eq lambda 'lambda)) (assert (eq lambda 'lambda))
(when (and (member '&key args :test #'eq)
(not (member '&allow-other-keys args :test #'eq)))
(let ((tail (member '&aux args :test #'eq)))
(setq lambda-expression
`(lambda ,(nconc (ldiff args tail)
(list '&allow-other-keys)
(values (values
lambda-expression lambda-expression
(let ((documentation (parse-method-body body lambda-expression))) (let ((documentation (parse-method-body body lambda-expression)))
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