Commit b4c32dd3 authored by Pascal Costanza's avatar Pascal Costanza
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Fancier version of creating lambda forms in ECL's make-method-lambda.

Ignore-this: 76e21cc4f3ec6cdf657c54fcb2a362c3

parent 3a1e5333
......@@ -38,10 +38,7 @@
(not (member '&allow-other-keys args :test #'eq)))
(let ((tail (member '&aux args :test #'eq)))
(setq lambda-expression
`(lambda ,(nconc (ldiff args tail)
(list '&allow-other-keys)
`(lambda (,.(ldiff args tail) &allow-other-keys ,@tail) ,@body))))
(let ((documentation (parse-method-body body lambda-expression)))
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