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Checked against Allegro 9.0 - no changes.

Ignore-this: b58047141ee396485ae09b3be365b31d

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Features that don't adhere to AMOP in various CLOS MOP implementations, and whether and how they are resolved in Closer to MOP.
Allegro Common Lisp 8.2
Allegro Common Lisp 8.2 & 9.0
- CLASS-DIRECT-DEFAULT-INITARGS and CLASS-DEFAULT-INITARGS don't return canonicalized default initargs as specified. Not fixed.
- FUNCALLABLE-STANDARD-OBJECT is not used as the default superclass for classes with :metaclass FUNCALLABLE-STANDARD-CLASS.
Allegro 8.2
Allegro 9.0
CLisp 2.49
Clozure Common Lisp 1.8
CMU Common Lisp 20d
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