1. 31 May, 2006 1 commit
  2. 27 Jan, 2006 1 commit
  3. 10 Sep, 2005 3 commits
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      Special cased defmethod macro for LispWorks. · daba12aa
      Pascal Costanza authored
      The defmethod macro in LispWorks (i.e., the new definition in closer-mop) now checks whether only the default methods for make-method-lambda are applicable. If so, defmethod expands into an equivalent cl:defmethod form. This is a workaround to make keyword argument checking for standard generic functions work.
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      Minor edit. · 15ded39a
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      Removed spurious &allow-other-keys declarations. · 3c241b3f
      Pascal Costanza authored
  4. 16 Aug, 2005 2 commits
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      Class initialization patch. · f18e8222
      Pascal Costanza authored
      The previous patch was partially incorrect. LispWorks and MCL don't need the change of the direct superclasses in primary methods on initialize-instance / reinitialize-instance. I have rearranged that part of the code back to what it was before.
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      Class initialization patches. · fbfe9405
      Pascal Costanza authored
      The correction of lists of direct superclasses was done at the wrong place (in :around methods on initialize-instance and reinitialize-instance). The MOP specification doesn't allow to define primary methods for initialize-instance and reinitialize-instance, but these are the only places where those lists can be corrected in a reasonable way. This affects LispWorks and MCL.
      Further changes:
      - The typep implementation for MCL was incorrect.
      - reinitialize-instance for standard-class could be simplified.
      - reinitialize-instance for standard-generic-function could be simplified.
  5. 02 Aug, 2005 1 commit