Commit 02eccc08 authored by Eric Timmons's avatar Eric Timmons
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Implement project-write-changes-to-stream

parent e975cf39
......@@ -152,6 +152,24 @@ instantiated."))
(defmethod project-versions ((project project))
(hash-table-keys (project-release-ht project)))
(defmethod project-write-changes-to-stream ((project project) s)
(assert (every (lambda (x) (eql (car x) :add-release)) (project-deltas project)))
(let ((release-descs (mapcar (lambda (release)
(list* (release-version release) (release-plist release)))
(mapcar #'cdr (project-deltas project))))
(version-scheme (project-version-scheme project)))
(when version-scheme
(setf release-descs (sort release-descs (ecase version-scheme
:key #'car)))
(with-clpi-io-syntax ()
(dolist (release-desc release-descs)
(write release-desc
:stream s)
(terpri s))))
(setf (project-deltas project) nil))
(defmethod project-write-to-stream ((project project) s)
(let ((release-descs (mapcar (lambda (release)
(list* (release-version release) (release-plist release)))
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