Commit 0958403d authored by Eric Timmons's avatar Eric Timmons
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parent 02eccc08
......@@ -8,8 +8,10 @@
(:export #:dual-index))
(:export #:dual-index
(in-package #:clpi/dual-index)
......@@ -54,15 +56,28 @@ minutes old."))
(ends-with-subseq "metadata" path))
(not (gethash path (dual-index-updated-paths index)))))
(defun path-appendable-p (path)
(let ((file-namestring (file-namestring path)))
(starts-with-subseq "releases-" file-namestring)))
(defun update-object-from-primary (index path)
(let* ((primary (dual-index-primary index))
(secondary (dual-index-secondary index)))
(if (path-appendable-p path)
(with-open-index-object-stream (primary-stream primary path
:binary-p t
:offset (index-object-size secondary path))
(index-object-append secondary path primary-stream))
(with-open-index-object-stream (s primary path)
(index-object-write secondary path s)
(setf (gethash path (dual-index-updated-paths index)) t)))))
(defmethod open-index-object-stream ((index dual-index) path
&key signal-if-older-than
binary-p offset)
(let ((primary (dual-index-primary index))
(secondary (dual-index-secondary index)))
(let ((secondary (dual-index-secondary index)))
(flet ((read-from-primary ()
(with-open-index-object-stream (s primary path)
(index-object-write secondary path s)
(setf (gethash path (dual-index-updated-paths index)) t))))
(update-object-from-primary index path)))
(handler-bind ((index-object-missing
(lambda (c)
......@@ -78,3 +93,13 @@ minutes old."))
(* 10 60)))
:binary-p binary-p
:offset offset)))))
(defun dual-index-sync (index)
"Ensure that every object is present in INDEX's secondary."
(update-object-from-primary index (metadata-path index))
(update-object-from-primary index "index")
(dolist (p (index-projects index))
(update-object-from-primary index (metadata-path p))
(update-object-from-primary index (project-releases-path p)))
(dolist (s (index-systems index))
(update-object-from-primary index (metadata-path s))))
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