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Add CLPI source

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;;;; CLPI derived sources
;;;; This software is part of CLPM. See for more information. See
;;;; LICENSE for license information.
(uiop:define-package #:clpm/sources/clpi
(:use #:cl
(:import-from #:puri
(:export #:clpi-source))
(uiop:define-package #:clpm/sources/clpi-index-file
(:use #:cl))
(in-package #:clpm/sources/clpi)
;;; * Source
(defclass clpi-source (clpm-source db-backed-source)
(defclass clpi-source-meta (db-backed-source-meta)
(:metaclass dao-table-class))
(defmethod db-source-table-names ((source clpi-source))
'(clpi-source-meta clpi-project clpi-release
clpi-system clpi-system-release))
(defmethod db-source-indices ((source clpi-source))
:clpi_release :project_name :version)
:clpi_system_release :release_id :system_name)))
(defmethod db-source-meta-class-name ((source clpi-source))
(defun clpi-source-index-url (source)
(let* ((base-url (source/url source))
(base-path (or (puri:uri-path base-url)
(extended-path (format nil "~A~:[/~;~]package-index/v0.1/index.lisp"
base-path (ends-with #\/ base-path))))
(puri:copy-uri base-url :path extended-path)))
(defmethod source/cache-directory ((source clpi-source))
"Compute the cache location for this source, based on its canonical url."
,(string-downcase (string (uri-scheme (source/url source))))
,(uri-host (source/url source))
,@(split-sequence #\/ (uri-path (source/url source)) :remove-empty-subseqs t))
:ensure-directory t))
(defmethod source/lib-directory ((source clpi-source))
"Compute the data location for this source, based on its canonical url."
,(string-downcase (string (uri-scheme (source/url source))))
,(uri-host (source/url source))
,@(split-sequence #\/ (uri-path (source/url source)) :remove-empty-subseqs t))
:ensure-directory t))
(defmethod source/project ((source clpi-source) project-name)
(with-source-connection (source)
(find-dao 'clpi-project :name project-name)))
(defmethod source/system ((source clpi-source) system-name)
(with-source-connection (source)
(find-dao 'clpi-system :name system-name)))
(defmethod source-to-form ((source clpi-source))
(list (source/name source)
:url (uri-to-string (source/url source))
:type :clpi))
;;; * Projects
(defclass clpi-project (db-backed-mixin)
:initarg :name
:accessor clpi-project-name
:reader project/name
:col-type :text
:primary-key t
:reader object-id
"The name of the project.")
:initarg :repo-type
:initform nil
:accessor clpi-project-repo-type
:col-type (or :text :null)
:deflate (lambda (x)
(uiop:with-safe-io-syntax ()
(prin1-to-string x)))
:inflate (lambda (x)
(uiop:with-safe-io-syntax ()
(read-from-string x)))
"The type of the upstream repo.")
:initarg :repo-args
:initform nil
:accessor clpi-project-repo-args
:col-type (or :text :null)
:deflate (lambda (x)
(uiop:with-safe-io-syntax ()
(prin1-to-string x)))
:inflate (lambda (x)
(uiop:with-safe-io-syntax ()
(read-from-string x)))))
(:metaclass dao-table-class)
(:record-timestamps nil)
"Represents a project in a CLPI source."))
(defmethod project/source ((p clpi-project))
(db-backed-object-source p))
(defmethod project/release ((p clpi-project) (version string))
(with-source-connection ((db-backed-object-source p))
(find-dao 'clpi-release
:project-name (clpi-project-name p)
:version version)))
(defmethod project/releases ((p clpi-project))
(with-source-connection ((db-backed-object-source p))
(retrieve-dao 'clpi-release :project-name (clpi-project-name p))))
(defmethod project/repo ((p clpi-project))
(let ((repo-type (clpi-project-repo-type p))
(repo-args (clpi-project-repo-args p)))
(make-repo-from-description (list* repo-type repo-args))))
;;; * Releases
(defclass clpi-release (db-backed-mixin
:initarg :project-name
:accessor clpi-release-project-name
:col-type :text
"The name of the project to which this release corresponds.")
:reader release/version
:initarg :version
:col-type :text
"The version of this release.")
:accessor clpi-release-prefix
:initarg :prefix
:col-type :text
"The prefix of all files in the tarball.")
:accessor clpi-release-url
:reader tarball-release/url
:initarg :url
:col-type :text
:deflate (lambda (x)
(uri-to-string x))
:inflate (lambda (x)
(parse-uri x))
"The URL where the tarball for this release is located."))
(:metaclass dao-table-class)
(:record-timestamps nil)
"Represents a release of a project."))
(defmethod release/lib-pathname ((r clpi-release))
(with-source-connection ((release/source r))
(list (source/lib-directory (release/source r))
(project/name (release/project r))
(clpi-release-prefix r))
:ensure-directory t)))
(defmethod release/system-releases ((release clpi-release))
(with-source-connection ((release/source release))
(retrieve-dao 'clpi-system-release :release-id (object-id release))))
(defmethod release/project ((release clpi-release))
(with-source-connection ((release/source release))
(find-dao 'clpi-project :name (clpi-release-project-name release))))
;;; * Systems
(defclass clpi-system (db-backed-mixin)
:initarg :name
:accessor system/name
:col-type :text
:primary-key t
:reader object-id
"The name of the system."))
(:metaclass dao-table-class)
(:record-timestamps nil)
"An ASD system contained in a CLPI source."))
;;; * System releases
(defclass clpi-system-release (db-backed-mixin)
:initarg :release-id
:accessor clpi-system-release-release-id
:col-type :integer
"The ID of the release to which the system release belongs.")
:initarg :system-name
:accessor clpi-system-release-system-name
:col-type :text
"The name of the system.")
:initarg :system-version
:accessor clpi-system-release-system-version
:col-type (or :text :null)
"The version of this system at this release.")
:initarg :depends-on
:accessor clpi-system-release-depends-on
:col-type :text
:deflate (lambda (x)
(uiop:with-safe-io-syntax ()
(prin1-to-string x)))
:inflate (lambda (x)
(uiop:with-safe-io-syntax ()
(read-from-string x)))
"The list of dependencies this system has.")
:initarg :system-file
:accessor clpi-system-release-system-file
:col-type :text
"The asd file in which this system is located."))
(:metaclass dao-table-class)
(:record-timestamps nil)
"A release of a system."))
(defmethod system-release/source ((system-release clpi-system-release))
(db-backed-object-source system-release))
(defmethod system-release/system ((system-release clpi-system-release))
(with-source-connection ((system-release/source system-release))
(find-dao 'clpi-system :name (clpi-system-release-system-name system-release))))
(defmethod system-release/release ((system-release clpi-system-release))
(with-source-connection ((system-release/source system-release))
(find-dao 'clpi-release :id (clpi-system-release-release-id system-release))))
(defmethod system-release/requirements ((system-release clpi-system-release))
(let ((deps (remove-if (rcurry #'member (list "asdf" "uiop") :test #'string-equal)
(clpi-system-release-depends-on system-release))))
(mapcar (lambda (dep-name)
(make-instance 'system-requirement
:name dep-name))
;;; * Syncing
(defvar *active-source* nil)
(defmethod sync-source ((source clpi-source))
(let ((index-file (merge-pathnames "index.lisp"
(source/cache-directory source))))
(when (ensure-file-fetched index-file (clpi-source-index-url source))
(let ((*package* (find-package :clpm/sources/clpi-index-file))
(*active-source* source))
(load index-file))))
(defun ensure-project (name repo)
(let ((existing-proj (find-dao 'clpi-project :name name)))
(destructuring-bind (repo-type &rest repo-args) (or repo (list nil))
(when existing-proj
;; Ensure the project's data is up to date.
(setf (clpi-project-repo-type existing-proj) repo-type
(clpi-project-repo-args existing-proj) repo-args)
(save-dao existing-proj))
(or existing-proj
(create-dao 'clpi-project
:name name
:repo-type repo-type
:repo-args repo-args)))))
(defun ensure-release (project-name version prefix url)
(let ((existing-release (find-dao 'clpi-release
:project-name project-name
:version version)))
(when existing-release
;; Ensure the release is up to date.
(setf (clpi-release-prefix existing-release) prefix
(clpi-release-url existing-release) (parse-uri url))
(save-dao existing-release))
(or existing-release
(create-dao 'clpi-release
:project-name project-name
:version version
:prefix prefix
:url (parse-uri url)))))
(defun ensure-system-release (release-id system-name system-file system-version depends-on)
(let ((existing (find-dao 'clpi-system-release
:release-id release-id
:system-name system-name)))
(when existing
;; Ensure the system release is up to date.
(setf (clpi-system-release-system-file existing) system-file
(clpi-system-release-system-version existing) system-version
(clpi-system-release-depends-on existing) depends-on)
(save-dao existing))
(or existing
(create-dao 'clpi-system-release
:release-id release-id
:system-name system-name
:system-file system-file
:system-version system-version
:depends-on depends-on))))
(defun ensure-project-defined (name &key repo releases)
(with-source-connection (*active-source*)
(let* ((name (string-downcase (string name)))
(proj (ensure-project name repo)))
(dolist (r-desc releases)
(destructuring-bind (version &key url tar-prefix ((:systems systems-desc)))
(let ((release (ensure-release name version tar-prefix url)))
(dolist (s-desc systems-desc)
(destructuring-bind (system-name &key asd-pathname depends-on ((:version system-version)))
(ensure-system-release (object-id release) system-name
(or (find-dao 'clpi-system
:name system-name)
(create-dao 'clpi-system
:name system-name)))))))
(in-package #:clpm/sources/clpi-index-file)
(defun version (version-string)
(assert (equal version-string "0.1")))
(defmacro define-project (name &key repo releases)
(clpm/sources/clpi::ensure-project-defined ,name
:repo ',repo
:releases ',releases)))
...@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ ...@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@
(:use #:cl (:use #:cl
#:alexandria #:alexandria
#:clpm/config #:clpm/config
#:clpm/sources/defs #:clpm/sources/defs
#:clpm/sources/quicklisp #:clpm/sources/quicklisp
#:clpm/utils) #:clpm/utils)
...@@ -26,6 +27,8 @@ ...@@ -26,6 +27,8 @@
(defun resolve-type (type) (defun resolve-type (type)
(ecase type (ecase type
(:quicklisp (:quicklisp
'quicklisp-source))) 'quicklisp-source)))
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