Commit 1d9f2707 authored by Eric Timmons's avatar Eric Timmons
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Use new config values in HTTP client

parent 01dd1431
......@@ -11,9 +11,6 @@
(:import-from #:flexi-streams)
(:import-from #:uiop
(:export #:ensure-file-fetched
......@@ -63,38 +60,6 @@ headers."
(format nil "~A, ~2,'0D ~A ~A ~2,'0D:~2,'0D:~2,'0D GMT"
(day-name day-of-week) date (month-name month) year hour minute second)))
(defgeneric canonicalize-header-value (header-value)
(:documentation "Given a ~header-value~ from a config file, return a string
that contains the value of the header that should be sent as part of the HTTP
(defmethod canonicalize-header-value ((header-value string))
"A string simply returns itself."
(defun pathname-executable-p (pathname)
"On non-Windows platforms, a file is executable if its execute bit is set."
(let* ((stat (sb-posix:stat pathname))
(mode (sb-posix:stat-mode stat)))
(or (not (zerop (boole boole-and mode sb-posix:s-ixoth)))
(not (zerop (boole boole-and mode sb-posix:s-ixgrp)))
(not (zerop (boole boole-and mode sb-posix:s-ixusr))))))
(defun pathname-executable-p (pathname)
"On windows, a file is executable if its type is exe."
(equalp "exe" (pathname-type pathname)))
(defmethod canonicalize-header-value ((header-value pathname))
"If given a pathname to an executable file, run it and use the value it prints
to stdout as the value. Otherwise, read the contents of the file and use that."
(if (pathname-executable-p header-value)
;; executable
(uiop:run-program (namestring header-value) :output '(:string :stripped t))
;; not executable
(uiop:read-file-string header-value)))
(defun get-additional-headers-for-hostname (hostname scheme)
"Given a ~hostname~ and ~scheme~ used (~:http~ or ~:https~), return an alist
mapping header names (as keywords) to values that should be included as part of
......@@ -105,7 +70,17 @@ the request."
(for (key value) :in-hashtable headers-ht)
(when (or (eql scheme :https)
(not (gethash :secure-only-p value)))
(collect (cons key (canonicalize-header-value (gethash :value value)))))))))
(let ((value (gethash :value value))
(exec (gethash :exec value))
(contents (gethash :contents value)))
(assert (stringp value))
(collect (cons key value)))
(collect (cons key (uiop:run-program (namestring exec) :output '(:string :stripped t)))))
(collect (cons key (uiop:read-file-string contents)))))))))))
(defun fetch-url (url)
"Given a URL, return a string with the contents of the file located at ~url~."
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