Commit 28e4ed82 authored by Eric Timmons's avatar Eric Timmons
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Windows build fixes

parent 755933c3
......@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@
:context context)
(let ((cid (uiop:read-file-string cid-pn)))
(if (equal (second tuple) "windows")
(docker-cp cid #?"/clpm-${(git-tag ref)}/build/clpm.msi"
(docker-cp cid #?"C:/clpm-${(git-tag ref)}/build/clpm.msi"
(namestring (merge-pathnames (format nil "clpm-~{~A~^-~}-~A.msi" tuple (git-tag))
:context context)
......@@ -18,6 +18,8 @@ RUN $chocourl = ''; \
# Install git so that we can determine release version.
RUN choco install -y git;
RUN git config --global core.autocrlf false;
# Install WIX. We don't install it through chocolatey because dotnet35 seems to
# be broken in chocolatey
RUN Write-Host "Starting download"; \
......@@ -28,9 +30,24 @@ RUN Write-Host "Starting download"; \
cd wix/bin; \
unzip ../../;
COPY . C:/clpm
COPY .git C:/clpm-git
# This is the git ref we bvuild from.
ARG ref=master
# This is the "tag" (output from git describe)
ARG describe
RUN git clone C:/clpm-git C:/clpm-$Env:describe
WORKDIR C:/clpm-$describe
RUN git checkout $Env:ref; \
git submodule init; \
git submodule update;
RUN sbcl --disable-debugger --load scripts/build.lisp --quit; \
sbcl --disable-debugger --load scripts/build-wxs.lisp --quit;
WORKDIR C:/clpm-$describe/build
RUN sbcl --load scripts/build.lisp; \
C:\wix\bin\candle clpm.wxs; \
C:\wix\bin\light clpm.wixobj -ext C:\wix\bin\WixUIExtension.dll -cultures:en-us -out build\clpm.msi;
RUN ls; C:\wix\bin\candle clpm.wxs; \
C:\wix\bin\light clpm.wixobj -ext C:\wix\bin\WixUIExtension.dll -cultures:en-us -out clpm.msi;
......@@ -111,7 +111,8 @@
"Guid" "35C91C7A-ED22-40B5-A761-730C57CCF803"
"DiskId" "1"
"Win64" "yes")
,@(directory-files (merge-pathnames "lib/clpm/" *build-root-pathname*)))
(("Component" "Id" "CLPM_SetHOME"
"Guid" "E75E9C41-C6B9-44FE-90B3-8055B22341D0"
"DiskId" "1"
......@@ -123,20 +124,21 @@
"Name" "CLPM_HOME"
"Part" "all"
"Value" "[LIBDIR]")))
(("Component" "Id" "LibFiles"
"Guid" "FABDC0CC-CFE3-479D-914D-4EB739D8C513")
,@(directory-files (merge-pathnames "lib/clpm/" *build-root-pathname*)))
(("Directory" "Id" "SrcDir"
"Name" "src")
(("Directory" "Id" "ClientDir"
"Name" "clpm-client")
(("Component" "Id" "CLPM_Client"
"Guid" "6B847710-C813-4E8E-861B-7C0B767F4C36")
"Guid" "6B847710-C813-4E8E-861B-7C0B767F4C36"
"DiskId" "1"
"Win64" "yes")
,@(directory-files (merge-pathnames "lib/clpm/src/clpm-client/" *build-root-pathname*))))
(("Directory" "Id" "GrovelerDir"
"Name" "clpm-groveler")
(("Component" "Id" "CLPM_Groveler"
"Guid" "639DDC25-7C6D-4F7B-809E-A7989A3D15BE")
"Guid" "639DDC25-7C6D-4F7B-809E-A7989A3D15BE"
"DiskId" "1"
"Win64" "yes")
,@(directory-files (merge-pathnames "lib/clpm/src/clpm-groveler/" *build-root-pathname*)))))))))))
(("Feature" "Id" "Minimal"
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