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Redirect clpm stderr to file when calling from client

The client did not continuously read from both CLPM's stderr and
stdout. Therefore, the stderr buffer could get filled (e.g., if logging
verbosity were increased or a system was being grovelled that generated a lot
of warnings) and clpm would have been unable to make forward progress.

Now, redirect stderr to a temporary file, reading it as necessary to report
errors in conditions or to the error dribble destination.
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......@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@
......@@ -37,6 +37,9 @@ appended to.")
(defvar *clpm-dribble-output-prefix* "CLPM-OUT> "
"The prefix for lines to *CLPM-DRIBBLE* that are read by this process.")
(defvar *clpm-error-dribble-prefix* "CLPM-ERR> "
"The prefix for lines to *CLPM-ERROR-DRIBBLE*.")
(defun call-with-dribble-stream (thunk designator)
((streamp designator)
......@@ -79,12 +82,12 @@ or the same CLPM used to execute the bundle."
:initarg :proc-info
:reader clpm-proc-info)
:initarg :error-string-output-stream
:reader clpm-proc-error-string-output-stream)
:initarg :error-dribble
:reader clpm-proc-error-dribble))
:reader clpm-proc-error-dribble)
:initarg :error-pathname
:reader clpm-proc-error-pathname))
"A CLPM process."))
......@@ -98,22 +101,17 @@ or the same CLPM used to execute the bundle."
(defun make-clpm-proc ()
"Makes a child CLPM process with the CLPM REPL running. The returned CLPM-PROC
*must* be stopped in order to free up resources belonging to the process."
(let* ((error-string-output-stream (make-string-output-stream))
(error-dribble-stream (open-dribble-stream *clpm-error-dribble*))
(error-output-stream (if error-dribble-stream
(make-broadcast-stream error-string-output-stream
(proc-info (uiop:launch-program
(uiop:with-temporary-file (:pathname error-pathname :keep t :prefix "clpm")
(let ((proc-info (uiop:launch-program
(append (ensure-list (clpm-executable))
(list "client" "repl"))
:input :stream
:output :stream
:error-output error-output-stream)))
:error-output error-pathname)))
(make-instance 'clpm-proc
:proc-info proc-info
:error-dribble (unless (streamp *clpm-error-dribble*) error-dribble-stream)
:error-string-output-stream error-string-output-stream)))
:error-dribble *clpm-error-dribble*
:error-pathname error-pathname))))
(defun clpm-proc-print (proc command &key read-eval-p)
"Print COMMAND to PROC. If READ-EVAL-P is non-NIL, the command is prefixed
......@@ -152,8 +150,9 @@ all streams."
(uiop:terminate-process (clpm-proc-info proc))
(clpm-proc-print proc '(uiop:quit) :read-eval-p t)))
(prog1 (uiop:wait-process (clpm-proc-info proc))
(when (clpm-proc-error-dribble proc)
(close (clpm-proc-error-dribble proc)))))
(with-dribble-stream (s (clpm-proc-error-dribble proc))
(with-open-file (file (clpm-proc-error-pathname proc))
(uiop:copy-stream-to-stream file s :prefix *clpm-error-dribble-prefix* :linewise t)))))
(defun call-with-clpm-proc (thunk)
(let ((proc (make-clpm-proc))
......@@ -170,9 +169,10 @@ all streams."
(setf stopped-p t)
(error 'clpm-error
:wrapped-condition c
:error-output (get-output-stream-string (clpm-proc-error-string-output-stream proc)))))
:error-output (uiop:read-file-string (clpm-proc-error-pathname proc)))))
(unless stopped-p
(clpm-proc-stop proc)))))
(clpm-proc-stop proc))
(uiop:delete-file-if-exists (clpm-proc-error-pathname proc)))))
(defmacro with-clpm-proc ((proc) &body body)
`(call-with-clpm-proc (lambda (,proc) ,@body)))
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