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Rework how config sources are included and cached

parent aa555baf
......@@ -53,13 +53,13 @@ please report a bug and provide the stack trace.~%")
;; Immediately start a CLPM session.
(with-clpm-session ()
;; Augment the config with options from the CLI.
(config-add-cli-source! options)
;; Set the log level.
;; Give ourselves a reasonable default, since the spec doesn't *require*
;; this...
(let ((*default-pathname-defaults* (uiop:pathname-directory-pathname (uiop:getcwd))))
(funcall thunk))))
(with-config-source (:options-ht options)
;; Set the log level.
;; Give ourselves a reasonable default, since the spec doesn't *require*
;; this...
(let ((*default-pathname-defaults* (uiop:pathname-directory-pathname (uiop:getcwd))))
(funcall thunk)))))
(defun main ()
......@@ -40,11 +40,10 @@
(defun call-with-bundle-local-config (thunk pn)
"Call THUNK in a dynamic environment that has the local config for the
clpmfile located at PN added to the config."
;; We need to override the session since we're adding a new config source.
(with-clpm-session (:override t)
(config-add-file-source! (merge-pathnames ".clpm/bundle.conf"
(uiop:pathname-directory-pathname pn)))
(funcall thunk)))
(with-clpm-session ()
(with-config-source (:pathname (merge-pathnames ".clpm/bundle.conf"
(uiop:pathname-directory-pathname pn)))
(funcall thunk))))
(defmacro with-bundle-local-config ((&optional (clpmfile-pn '(bundle-clpmfile-pathname))) &body body)
`(call-with-bundle-local-config (lambda () ,@body) ,clpmfile-pn))
......@@ -19,25 +19,20 @@
(:export #:*clpm-config-directories*
(:import-from #:cl-ppcre))
(in-package #:clpm/config)
(defparameter *default-config-sources* (list 'config-env-source
(defvar *config-sources* (list 'config-env-source
(defmethod slot-unbound (class (session clpm-session) (slot-name (eql 'config-sources)))
"Initialize the config sources of the session with *DEFAULT-CONFIG-SOURCES*."
(setf (config-sources session) (copy-list *default-config-sources*)))
(defun get-config-source (config-source-specifier)
(with-clpm-session (:key `(get-config-source ,config-source-specifier))
(when config-source-specifier
......@@ -49,11 +44,6 @@
(make-instance config-source-specifier))))))
(defun config-add-cli-source! (ht)
(push (make-instance 'config-cli-source
:arg-ht ht)
(defun config-type-p (obj type)
(or (and (typep obj 'config-source)
(typep obj type))
......@@ -61,39 +51,65 @@
(subtypep (first obj) type))
(subtypep obj type)))
(defun config-add-file-source! (pn)
(when (uiop:probe-file* pn)
(setf (config-sources)
(append (remove-if-not (lambda (x)
(config-type-p x 'config-env-source)
(config-type-p x 'config-cli-source)))
(list (make-instance 'config-file-source :pathname pn))
(remove-if (lambda (x)
(config-type-p x 'config-env-source)
(config-type-p x 'config-cli-source)))
(defun config-source-type (config-source)
(etypecase config-source
(type-of config-source))
(first config-source))))
(defun add-config-source (config-sources config-source)
(ecase (config-source-type config-source)
;; CLI sources go first.
(list* config-source config-sources))
;; File sources go after CLI and env sources.
(flet ((env-or-cli-source-p (x)
(or (config-type-p x 'config-env-source)
(config-type-p x 'config-cli-source))))
(append (remove-if-not #'env-or-cli-source-p config-sources)
(list config-source)
(remove-if #'env-or-cli-source-p config-sources))))))
(defun call-with-config-source (thunk &key config-source pathname options-ht)
"If CONFIG-SOURCE is already on *CONFIG-SOURCES*, just call THUNK, otherwise,
rebind *CONFIG-SOURCES* with CONFIG-SOURCE placed in the appropriate position
and then call THUNK."
(assert (xor config-source pathname options-ht))
(when pathname
(setf config-source (list 'config-file-source :pathname pathname)))
(when options-ht
(setf config-source (list 'config-cli-source :arg-ht options-ht)))
(if (member config-source *config-sources* :test #'equal)
(funcall thunk)
(let ((*config-sources* (add-config-source *config-sources* config-source)))
(funcall thunk))))
(defmacro with-config-source ((&key config-source pathname options-ht) &body body)
`(call-with-config-source (lambda () ,@body) :config-source ,config-source
:pathname ,pathname
:options-ht ,options-ht))
(defun config-table-keys (&rest path)
"Return a list of keys in the table rooted at PATH. This currently does n"
(with-clpm-session (:key `(config-table-keys ,@path))
(with-clpm-session (:key `(config-table-keys ,*config-sources* ,@path))
(let ((defined-children (get-children-of-config-path path)))
(if (equal defined-children '(:*))
(remove-duplicates (mapcan (compose (rcurry #'config-source-implicit-keys path)
:test #'equal)
(defun config-value (&rest path)
"Get the configuration value located at path. First search environment
variables, then the config file, then the default config."
(with-clpm-session (:key `(config-value ,@path))
(with-clpm-session (:key `(config-value ,*config-sources* ,@path))
(let* ((config-info (get-config-entry path))
(type (getf (cdr config-info) :type)))
(assert config-info)
......@@ -104,7 +120,7 @@ variables, then the config file, then the default config."
(setf (gethash key out) (apply #'config-value (append path (list key)))))
:for config-source-specifier :in (config-sources)
:for config-source-specifier :in *config-sources*
:for config-source := (get-config-source config-source-specifier)
:for (value exists-p) := (multiple-value-list (config-source-value config-source path))
:until exists-p
......@@ -19,9 +19,6 @@
:reader clpm-session-cache
"A hash table used to cache results of function calls.")
:initarg :config-sources
:accessor clpm-session-config-sources)
:initarg :sources
:accessor clpm-session-global-sources)))
......@@ -29,12 +26,6 @@
(defvar *session* nil
"Bound to a CLPM-SESSION object when inside a CLPM session.")
(defun config-sources (&optional (session *session*))
(clpm-session-config-sources session))
(defun (setf config-sources) (new-value &optional (session *session*))
(setf (clpm-session-config-sources session) new-value))
(defun global-sources (&optional (session *session*))
(clpm-session-global-sources session))
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