Commit 6e26f26d authored by Eric Timmons's avatar Eric Timmons
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Gross hack to make sure the clpm client is built in time

Sometimes I really wonder if package-inferred-system is worth all the trouble
it can cause.
parent 1a76aea0
......@@ -50,6 +50,10 @@
(:readme-file "README")
(:dependencies-license-file "BUNDLED-LICENSES"))))))))
:in-order-to ((program-op (load-op :clpm-cli))
(load-op (concatenate-source-op :clpm-client)
(clpm-asdf:build-clpm-client-tarball-op :clpm))
(asdf-release-ops:perform-program-image-op (load-op :clpm-cli))))
(defsystem #:clpm/client-helper
:description "Helper to make sure clpm-client is built before clpm/client is
loaded. This is nasty and I really want to remove it soon."
:in-order-to ((load-op (concatenate-source-op :clpm-client)
(clpm-asdf:build-clpm-client-tarball-op :clpm))))
......@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@
;; TODO: GROSS, GROSS, GROSS. Need to find a way to get rid of this.
(:import-from #:clpm/client-helper)
(:import-from #:alexandria)
(:import-from #:flexi-streams
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