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TITLE: Common Lisp Project Manager
----------------------- REVIEW 1 ---------------------
TITLE: Common Lisp Project Manager
AUTHORS: Eric Timmons
----------- Overall evaluation -----------
SCORE: 3 (strong accept)
----- TEXT:
I suppose that this paper, being 4 pages long, is a demo paper.
It presents a project manager called CLPM (Common Lisp Project Manager to become
Common Lisp Package Manager) claimed to be compatible with
ASDF and Quicklisp while adding new features among them managing
multiple versions of dependencies.
The system client has the advantage of being highly configurable
while having a default behaviour for standard users.
I would have liked more references to other similar systems for other programming languages
and a more detailed list of what are the features that they have and that Common Lisp
(with ASDF and Quicklisp) is missing.
It looks like a neat system that would be useful to the common Lisp community that I would
like to be demonstrated during the conference. Also the paper is well written and presented.
P1: define CLI: Command Line Interface
I downloaded and installed the system easily. But I did not succeed in creating
a bundle for a local project (did not know how to load clpm into the REPL).
----------------------- REVIEW 2 ---------------------
TITLE: Common Lisp Project Manager
AUTHORS: Eric Timmons
----------- Overall evaluation -----------
SCORE: 1 (weak accept)
----- TEXT:
The author describes a package manager of his design. My main problem
with this paper is that it is written assuming the reader is expertly
conversant with the issues and design details of a package manager;
little is described in detail. The fundamental architecture of the system
is split into client, worker and "groveler," but the functionality of
each element and their interplay is not described in meaningful detail.
I am *not* an expert on package-management systems, so I didn't get much
from the paper. More detail fleshing out the presentation would be good,
as would, perhaps, a running example.
It would be nice if a brief description was provided of the functional
taxonomy of these systems. What does a package manage like CLPM do? What
does it do that a system-construction tool like ASDF doesn't do? How do
these things fit together, work with "contexts" and "indices"?
It would also be nice if more comparisons were made between CLPM and
alternative systems.
----------------------- REVIEW 3 ---------------------
TITLE: Common Lisp Project Manager
AUTHORS: Eric Timmons
----------- Overall evaluation -----------
SCORE: 2 (accept)
----- TEXT:
The author presents a system called CLPM which is a light weight package manager for Common Lisp development.
One of the apparent advantages of this system over existing systems is its lack of external dependencies--the problem being that dependencies of the package manager should not polite the VM of the application you are trying to develop.
I believe this demo will be interesting to a large number of ELS attendees.
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