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Fix bug parsing contexts referring to git commits

It previously failed if the git repository was not already present on the file
parent 0aa8de7c
#+TITLE: CLPM Changelog
* Unreleased
+ Fix bug in parsing contexts referring to git commits when the git repo is
not yet present on the filesystem.
* v0.3.3 - 2020-06-29
+ Fix bug in client that caused CLPM to stall when too much was printed to
......@@ -480,11 +480,12 @@ include it."
;; We delay making sure commits are present locally until we want to
;; install. This ensures that if a commit is deleted from a repository we
;; don't get into a situation where we can't even parse the context.
(unless (eql (first ref) :commit)
(ensure-ref-present-locally! repo ref))
(let ((commit-id (resolve-ref-to-commit repo ref)))
(setf (vcs-release-commit release) commit-id))))
(if (eql (first ref) :commit)
(setf (vcs-release-commit release) (second ref))
(ensure-ref-present-locally! repo ref)
(let ((commit-id (resolve-ref-to-commit repo ref)))
(setf (vcs-release-commit release) commit-id))))))
(defmethod ensure-release-installed! ((release vcs-release))
(unless (vcs-release-installed-p release)
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