Commit c03159bb authored by Eric Timmons's avatar Eric Timmons
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Fix bug ordering releases from semantic versioned projects

parent b9ad2d0d
#+TITLE: CLPM Changelog
* v0.3.5 - 2020-11-11
+ Fix bug in ordering releases for semantic versioned projects that include
* v0.3.4 - 2020-07-08
+ Fix bug in parsing contexts referring to git commits when the git repo is
......@@ -320,8 +320,14 @@
(defmethod release-> ((release-1 clpi-release)
(release-2 clpi-release))
(string> (release-version release-1)
(release-version release-2)))
(let ((scheme (clpi:project-version-scheme (clpi:project (clpi-backing-object release-1))))
(version-1 (release-version release-1))
(version-2 (release-version release-2)))
(ecase scheme
(string> version-1 version-2))
(semantic-version<= version-2 version-1)))))
(defmethod release-satisfies-version-spec-p ((release clpi-release) version-spec)
(let ((scheme (clpi:project-version-scheme (clpi:project (clpi-backing-object release))))
......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@
(uiop:define-package #:clpm/version-strings
(:use #:cl
(:import-from #:cl-semver)
(:import-from #:uiop
(:export #:parse-semantic-version
......@@ -131,18 +132,6 @@ by the character used to separate the segments."
(assert (semantic-version-p out))
(defun integer-or-string< (thing1 thing2)
"numeric always have lower precedence than strings"
((and (stringp thing1) (stringp thing2))
(string< thing1 thing2))
((stringp thing1)
((stringp thing2)
(< thing1 thing2))))
(defun semantic-version< (version1 version2)
((null version1)
......@@ -150,15 +139,8 @@ by the character used to separate the segments."
((null version2)
(destructuring-bind (v1 pre1 build1)
(parse-semantic-version version1)
(declare (ignore build1))
(destructuring-bind (v2 pre2 build2)
(parse-semantic-version version2)
(declare (ignore build2))
(or (uiop:lexicographic< #'< v1 v2)
(and (equal v1 v2)
(uiop:lexicographic< #'integer-or-string< pre1 pre2))))))))
(cl-semver:version< (cl-semver:read-version-from-string version1)
(cl-semver:read-version-from-string version2)))))
(defun semantic-version<= (version1 version2)
(not (semantic-version< version2 version1)))
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