Commit c505922d authored by Eric Timmons's avatar Eric Timmons
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Remove patch to add :canary to OpenSSL libraries

Seems likely to be rejected upstream. Instead push the
:cl+ssl-foreign-libs-already-loaded feature as the static image is being
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......@@ -85,7 +85,9 @@ don't typically have to worry about.
these libraries any more, but PRs are kept for posterity.
- cl-plus-ssl ::
- [ ]
- [ ] (likely
rejected. seems to not play well with some implementations that already
load an SSL library).
- [ ] (not submitted
by us, but needed by us)
- osicat ::
......@@ -11,5 +11,8 @@
(defmethod ops:program-image-features (o (s clpm-system))
(augment-features (clpm-features)))
(defmethod ops:program-static-image-features (o (s clpm-system))
(list :cl+ssl-foreign-libs-already-loaded))
(defmethod ops::release-system-version-designator ((s clpm-system))
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Subproject commit 3e7ae31d82de4a86cc539ae572c52898468b149d
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