Commit d1a35cb8 authored by Eric Timmons's avatar Eric Timmons
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Add resolve-requirement for project requirements

parent 028a509f
...@@ -483,16 +483,16 @@ objects to a list of system-releases.")) ...@@ -483,16 +483,16 @@ objects to a list of system-releases."))
(mapcar (rcurry #'cons t) (mapcar (rcurry #'cons t)
(release/system-files vcs-release))))))) (release/system-files vcs-release)))))))
;; (defmethod resolve-requirement ((req project-requirement) sources) (defmethod resolve-requirement ((req project-requirement) search-state)
;; (let* ((project-name (requirement/name req)) (let* ((project-name (requirement/name req))
;; (version-spec (requirement/version-spec req)) (version-spec (requirement/version-spec req))
;; (project (find-project-in-sources project-name sources)) (project (find-project-in-sources project-name))
;; (releases (project/releases project)) (releases (project/releases project))
;; (applicable-releases (remove-if-not (rcurry #'release-satisfies-version-spec-p version-spec) (applicable-releases (remove-if-not (rcurry #'release-satisfies-version-spec-p version-spec)
;; releases))) releases)))
;; (mapcar (lambda (x) (mapcar (lambda (x)
;; (cons x (release/system-releases x))) (list x :system-releases (release/system-releases x)))
;; (sort applicable-releases #'release->)))) (sort applicable-releases #'release->))))
(defmethod resolve-requirement ((req system-requirement) search-state) (defmethod resolve-requirement ((req system-requirement) search-state)
(let* ((system-name (requirement/name req)) (let* ((system-name (requirement/name req))
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