Commit dad72e48 authored by Eric Timmons's avatar Eric Timmons
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Delay ensuring commits are present locally until they need to be installed

parent 47da0648
...@@ -468,7 +468,11 @@ include it." ...@@ -468,7 +468,11 @@ include it."
(defun vcs-release-resolve! (release ref) (defun vcs-release-resolve! (release ref)
(let ((repo (vcs-release-repo release))) (let ((repo (vcs-release-repo release)))
(ensure-ref-present-locally! repo ref) ;; We delay making sure commits are present locally until we want to
;; install. This ensures that if a commit is deleted from a repository we
;; don't get into a situation where we can't even parse the context.
(unless (eql (first ref) :commit)
(ensure-ref-present-locally! repo ref))
(let ((commit-id (resolve-ref-to-commit repo ref))) (let ((commit-id (resolve-ref-to-commit repo ref)))
(setf (vcs-release-commit release) commit-id)))) (setf (vcs-release-commit release) commit-id))))
...@@ -478,6 +482,8 @@ include it." ...@@ -478,6 +482,8 @@ include it."
(let ((project (release-project release)) (let ((project (release-project release))
(repo (vcs-release-repo release))) (repo (vcs-release-repo release)))
(ensure-ref-present-locally! repo `(:commit ,(vcs-release-commit release)))
(let ((install-root (release-lib-pathname release))) (let ((install-root (release-lib-pathname release)))
(unless (uiop:probe-file* install-root) (unless (uiop:probe-file* install-root)
(log:info "installing ~A, commit ~A to ~A" (log:info "installing ~A, commit ~A to ~A"
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