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......@@ -65,3 +65,46 @@ don't typically have to worry about.
docker push daewok/clpm-ci:$SBCL_VERSION-alpine$ALPINE_VERSION-$ARCH
* Dependencies
CLPM has a lot of dependencies. Probably too many, but that's a problem for
another day. CLPM has a habit of finding issues in its dependencies that
sometimes take a while to get fixed. To support both getting the needed fixes
before upstream merges them and to make builds reproducible, we use git
submodules for all our dpeendencies.
One day, I'd like to see CLPM self host itself so we can have a clpmfile.lock
instead. But CLPM needs to get a little more stable first.
** Fixes
This is a list of the fixes we have submitted upstream and their current
status. For most of these, if there is an outstanding PR, CLPM pulls its
code from a fork that has the PR merged. We don't necessarily depend on all
these libraries any more, but PRs are kept for posterity.
- cl-plus-ssl ::
- [ ]
- [ ] (not submitted
by us, but needed by us)
- osicat ::
- [ ]
- dexador ::
- [ ]
- [ ]
- cffi ::
- [ ]
- cl-unicode ::
- [X]
- archive :: There doesn't seem to be any active upstream for this
project... May try sending some merge requests to sharplispers, but if
that fails, CLPM may have to hard fork/try to assume ownership.
- cl-semver ::
- [X]
- [X]
- deploy ::
- [X]
- [X]
- mito ::
- [X]
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