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Address #3: Fix more broken links

Updated some links, and commented out others that no longer work and I
expect I won't be able to find the new (if any) locations.

I left some bad links in on the assumption that I can find the new
location, but not just right now.
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......@@ -68,8 +68,10 @@ general information on Common Lisp):
<li> The <strong>CLX manual</strong> for <a href = "../downloads/doc/clx/">online
browsing</a> or in <a href = "../downloads/doc/clx-manual.tar.gz">gzipped tarred
<li> The <strong>CLX manual</strong> as a <a href =
"../downloads/doc/clx/clx-html.tgz">compressed tar file</a> of the html
version online
browsing or in <a href = "../downloads/doc/clx-manual.tar.gz">gzipped tarred
Postscript</a> <i>(486 kB, last updated 2001-10-01)</i>. </li>
<li> Documentation on the <strong>CMUCL Motif toolkit</strong>:
......@@ -144,12 +146,13 @@ general information on Common Lisp):
Internal design of CMU common Lisp on the IBM RT PC.</a> This is a
nice complement to the current design document.
<li> Daniel Barlow has written a <a href =
"">CMUCL on Linux HOWTO</a> which
explains how to install CMUCL and set up a comfortable environment in
Emacs. The document is a little dated now, but still useful. </li>
......@@ -223,8 +226,10 @@ again from tcl. </li>
two sets of instructions and scripts for building CMUCL:
<li> <a href = "">Pierre
Mai's build scripts</a> </li>
<li> <a href = "">Martin
Cracauer's build scripts</a> </li>
......@@ -279,9 +284,8 @@ again from tcl. </li>
Speaking</a> articles. </li>
<li> <a href = "">Successful
Lisp</a> is a book aimed at hands-on Lisp use (work in progress
currently available online). </li>
<li> <a href = "">Successful
Lisp</a> is a book aimed at hands-on Lisp use.</li>
......@@ -305,7 +309,7 @@ again from tcl. </li>
problems). </li>
<li> The <a href =
AI Repository</a> contains useful Lisp software. </li>
<li> <a href =
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