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    Allow disasembler to work for any value of *print-base*. · 0331b892
    Raymond Toy authored
    With these changes, you can bind *print-base* to 16 and *print-case*
    to :downcase to get correctly printed disassembly in lower case with
    all numerical values in hex.  If you want the radix marker as well,
    bind *print-radix* to T; the disassembly is still correct.
    o When printing out the source code, bind *print-base* to 10 so that
      the code is printed "naturally".
    o Use Carl's much cleaned-up print-mem-access
    o Update print-imm-data to use princ for all values, removing the
      special casing for NIL
    o When printing out xmm registers, honor *print-case*.
    o Update
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