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    Added support the the ANSI *COMPILE-VERBOSE*, *COMPILE-PRINT*, · f410d116
    ram authored
    The old *COMPILE-VERBOSE* has been renamed to *COMPILE-PROGRESS* and
    exported from EXTENSIONS.
    Many fixes and improvements of block compilation.  It is now possible
    to block compile only part of a file using the START-BLOCK and END-BLOCK
    declarations.  Also, you can designate which functions are entry points
    to the component.  Non-entry-point functions can be optimized like
    lexical functions, since they can't get new references.
    Changed CLEAR-IR1-INFO to not muck with the *FREE-xxx*, since we always
    call CLEAR-STUFF right afterward.
    Made LOCALLY be recognized by PROCESS-FORM so that subforms can be compiled
    Split up PROCESS-FORM a bit.
    Changed COMPILE-TOP-LEVEL to call CLEAR-STUFF, since it was being called
    in all the same places.
    Added :ENTRY-POINTS keywords.  Documented :BLOCK-COMPILE.
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