Commit 04cabd35 authored by ram's avatar ram
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Changed to only load the XXXmsgdefs files when there is no XXXuser.nfasl, and

also bound *ALIEN-EVAL-WHEN* to COMPILE around this stuff so that we won't eval
the msgdefs stuff twice.
parent 44f12841
......@@ -98,14 +98,15 @@
(comf "ncode:mmlispdefs")
(comf "nicode:machdefs")
(comf "nicode:netnamedefs")
#-new-compiler ; Leave these out for now...
(load "nicode:machmsgdefs.lisp")
(comf "nicode:machuser")
(load "nicode:netnamemsgdefs.lisp")
(comf "nicode:netnameuser")
(let ((system:*alien-eval-when* '(compile)))
(unless (probe-file "nicode:machuser.nfasl")
(load "nicode:machmsgdefs.lisp")
(comf "nicode:machuser"))
(unless (probe-file "nicode:netnameuser.nfasl")
(load "nicode:netnamemsgdefs.lisp")
(comf "nicode:netnameuser")))
(comf "ncode:defstruct")
(comf "ncode:defmacro")
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